What it means to be a StartupToken Community Mentor

StartupToken Network
from the community, for the community


We wanted to create a unique program where startups can benefit from knowledge that key lead members of our community have to share.

The pro bono partnership offers companies a variety of expertise our mentors can offer in investment, strategy, security, and deep industry knowledge. Our mentors are standing members of our community whom we would like to have more involved in StartupToken projects. Our mentors get the opportunity to stand out from the viewing box and build their Blockchain industry credibility on the backbone of the StartupToken endorsement.

Our mentors all:
-Are authentic, honest and genuine with the knowledge they share. You are your own brand and the community effect makes it quite difficult to resurface trust once it is tarnished
-Agree and acknowledge that this partnership is pro bono. Yet, as you are fully aware in decentralized business models, what you give is what you get and returns always make the full circle in one way or another
-Harness the ability to distinguish between facts/figures &  opinions/point of view
-Have a strong commitment of participation with the StartupToken Network and are an integral part of that growth
-Maintain open dialogue with their local accelerator manager on interests of involvement, ideas, availability and communications

Understand that you will be introduced to highly confidential project data, team and/or financial information that is to remain confidential and not to be shared with outside parties unless otherwise agreed upon with StartupToken.

Our Mentors are key members of our community and must maintain this by:
-Attending physical events at least once a month, or every time available in their location
-Actively participating, sharing any impertinent news within StartupToken’s social channels
-Inviting quality members into our social community to be an integral part of its strategic growth
-Participating in community votes and disclosing their opinion
-Raising awareness regarding issues or  grey area elements in projects submitted to the community.
-Fulfilling our StartupToken Mentorship training session

We are not responsible for the actions of our mentors and our mentors do not necessarily endorse the actions and projects endorsed by StartupToken. 

June 2018

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