• Blockchain Hackathon Paris, Nov. 24-26

Technical Partners

The Most Impactful Technology

Blockchain technology is changing the game. By lowering infrastructure costs and increasing the velocity of value exchange, it has triggered an unprecedented upheaval socially and economically. Tremendous opportunities are brought to the world, especially to the un(der)banked population. However, it also creates numerous challenges to undertake and achieve.

Join and Contribute to the Internet of Value


You will be in groups of 2 to 5 people with different backgrounds, different skills, and personalities trying to solve a major problem.

Advanced features

Use breakthrough technologies, robust protocols, and diverse APIs to create valuable solutions.

Quality Mentors

We will have savvy developers and project founders who have already initiated ideas or delivered POC addressing financial inclusion to frame your reflexion.


Each team will receive guidelines from their mentors, bring up ideas, and code a solution that will help the unbanked population.

Team up - Develop - Pitch

Join a bunch of disruptors to rethink Blockchain’s biggest challenge: financial inclusion through the Internet of Value. Blockchain technology is the source of numerous promises that can only be achieved with new talents joining the movement. So bring your skills, your good mood, and empower the world, thanks to the most impactful technology since the Internet!

Financial Inclusion according to RSK

Advisors and Mentors

Thomas Zoughebi

COO and trainer for Eureka Certification

Seduced by the unexpected harmonization of scientific concepts and the promises of the Bitcoin network presented ethically by Eureka, Thomas first made his marks as an autodidact. Then, he quickly built skills by certifying himself following a technical training at Eureka, which he joined to strengthen the expertise. His skills in “Smart Contracts” development and his experience in the training environment are put to work. As an IT specialist, developer, trainer, organizer, mentor and entrepreneur, he helps Eureka being a leader in its sector.

Mariana Herrera

Software Developer @RSK

Mariana Herrera is a member of RSK team that is part of the team that supports the development community. She holds a degree in System Engineering from National Technological University of Santa Fe (Argentina) and a postgraduate degree in the development of applications for mobile devices from Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). Mariana has over 7 years of experience in the software development industry.

Thomas Bertani

CEO Oraclize

Thomas Bertani is a Blockchain entrepreneur and consultant, disruptive technologies addict; founder of OraclizeIT and TheBitBoat. Oraclize is today the most widely used oracle service in the blockchain space and the secure authenticated data-transport-layer it provides is actively feeding data into some of the most promising decentralized applications of tomorrow.

Eddy Travia

CEO Coinsilium

Pioneer Investor in blockchain and bitcoin startups since 2013. Nominated among the top 3 ‘Most Influential Investors of the Year’ at Blockchain Awards 2014 with Marc Andreessen & Roger Ver.
CEO & Co-founder of London-listed Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN), venture builder, investor and accelerator of blockchain startups. Co-founder at Block Chain Space (first batch of startups accelerated in Barcelona in 2016).
Advisor to blockchain & digital currency companies and regular speaker at Tech, Investments, Fintech, Bitcoin & Blockchain events and conferences worldwide including TEDx IE Madrid in 2016.

Gabriel Kurman

RSK Co-Founder

Economist. MBA in Capital Markets. Also Executive Member of Latin America and Argentina Bitcoin NGOs. More than 10 years of experience in corporate finance, M&A, and private equity. Previously worked at Advent International and Monsanto.

Yacine Teraï

CEO StartupToken

Nearly 15+ years global experience in Business Growth, Marketing Strategy and managing global startup ventures.Specialized in Token crowdsales for innovative startups in the blockchain, AI and traditional space.

Join us and be part of the Internet of Value
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We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical
framework that is free of politics and human error”

Winklevoss Tyler, Co founder of Facebook

Day 1 – Friday 24th

Meetup with intro of startups – 18h30
(Sandblock, Zilla, Rawg, Addap’s)
Announcement of the Hackathon Teams
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Day 2 – Saturday 25th

Registration to the event & Breakfast – 8h30

Framework and theme – 9h00

Hackathon starts – 9h30

End day 1 – 22h00

Day 3 – Sunday 26th

Breakfast – 9h00
Project Pitch session (6′) – 15h30
Winners announced – 17h00-18h

We will Accelerate Your Project


The jury will assess the cutting edge and game-changing project that will empower the un(der)banked and change the way they exchange value.
The winners will receive a prize enabling them to pursue the development of the project and bring it to life.