• Start your Business on the Web 3.0

Managing a Company is Time Consuming

For the past 20 years, businesses have evolved from brick and mortar to digitized existence. The Web has accelerated the transfer of data hence the creation and exchange of information between businesses.


    • Entrepreneurs suffer from costs and risks arising from a high degree of reliance on intermediaries to manage their companies.

    • Cumbersome & costly to raise and manage capital, distribute, track Assets and Commodities

    • Silos organization result in poor administration and lack of automation

    • Scalability undertakes major cost limiting the business growth

The Opportunity: Entering the Internet of Value

By removing intermediaries, automatizing processes and aligning incentives, the Web 3.0 is facilitating the social and financial inclusion of individuals and businesses, reshaping the way we will interact and generate more value on a global scale.

It is time for entrepreneurs and builders to enter the Web 3.0 and benefit from enhanced security, control, and economic opportunities. 


Start Your Business on the Web3.0

A sleek Interface helping startups to create and manage their business on Blockchain

Optimizing Business Workflow

Preparing the new generation of change makers and builders to enter the digital world. Help them leverage the endless solutions and opportunities the Internet of Value is offering. 

Enabling DeFi Adoption

Simplifying corporate digital transformation by bringing Smart Contracts, accountingally and legally bound to real life agreements, Reduce costs & frictions while raising liquidity, investors outreach and higher control

Automatized Compliance

From the palm of your hand, incorporate programmable business logic into corporate administration facilitating, governance, compliance, due diligence, legal, commercial and social media management.

For Entrepreneurs

Form your business entity directly from Arkadia Interface for immediate incorporation in the real life and at the same time on the Web 3.0 and start interacting with other organizations. No more wasted time to run your business.

Instruments for Entrepeneurs
  • Incorporation and tokenization of the company 

  • Private raising

  • Crowdfunding

  • Issue, store & share, compliant legally bound: 

    • Shares and bonds

    • Stock options

    • Dividends

    • Convertible notes

    • Utility tokens 

    • Process & validate KYC

    • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    • Captable visualization and admin

For Stakeholders

Stakeholders can safely invest, track and manage their portfolio and benefit from the convenience and the liquidity that the Web 3.0 enables.

Instruments for Stakeholder
  • Invest securely via milestones

  • funding store & share, legally bound:

    • Shares & bonds

    • Stock options

    • Convertible notes

  • Portfolio tracking

  • Access social signals and milestones validation

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Tax computation

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