• Building the Web 3.0

    StartupToken is a consulting and advisory firm serving startup founders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers in their digital transition to Web 3.0. We are putting the power of decentralization into the hands of disrupters to re-build, a more inclusive, open and user-centric Web.


“The web is 25 years old, and signing up for and paying for things is still broken. Why do you have to create an account and make up a password? Why do you have to type in a number off a card in your pocket? There is a big opportunity here that will seem obvious in retrospect.”

— Paul Graham (@paulg)

Seize the Opportunity

The legacy system, built un on top of centralized business models, is about to be disrupted by the emergence of resilient, distributed and community-centric networks. We are going to assist to the biggest wealth transfer in the history of humankind. Startups, enterprises and other organizations must educate themselves and build applications that will drive this wealth redistribution in a more fair, sustainable and inclusive way.

In other words, get ready for Plan B